Taking the Guesswork Out of Writing Instruction – Copy3

Taking the Guesswork Out of Writing Instruction

The Essentials to Help Your Classroom Succeed

As an educator you may have experienced that the emphasis within the literacy equation tends to be placed on reading development, leaving much to be desired when it comes to writing instruction. In fact, many teachers tend to feel as though writing instruction is difficult due to a lack of training and a lack of time within the school day to cover it. But with Writing A-Z, teachers have found that these challenges are a thing of the past. Since its launch, teachers around the world have been thoroughly enjoying using Writing A-Z. Built from the ground up, Writing A-Z has allowed both teachers and students to take a simplified, research-based approach to writing instruction while making it more fun for students.

Writing A-Z: Simplifying Writing Instruction

Designed with the busy educator in mind, Writing A-Z takes the guesswork out of writing instruction and builds the confidence necessary to teach effectively. Equipped with a scope and sequence that follows a gradual release model, Writing A-Z methodically applies structure to the development of sound writers using 80 pre-written, explicit lessons per grade. In addition, Writing A-Z acts as the perfect companion, as it guides educators through each step of the teaching process using point-of-use professional development, sample dialogue, teacher tips, module cheat sheets, and resources available in printable, projectable, and digital formats that are sure to accommodate an educator’s busy schedule.